Face coverings from May 17th

After careful consideration of all the current (as per 19/10/2020) information and guidance, the following is relevant.

  1. We are making masks optional in all communal areas: they must be clean, plain and worn properly. At all other times they must be stored cleanly out of sight (we recommend a small plastic bag)
  2. Face coverings are not needed in classrooms/lessons we are asking students not to wear them
  3. This will be made clear to staff and students in signage around the school and briefings etc

If you believe your child is exempt please register them by clicking HERE

Updated 19-3-2021


From March 2021 the government are urging all those of school age to test twice a week.

Students will all be issued with home testing kits on the following days:

Friday 19th March Year 11

Monday 22nd March Year 7 and 10

Tuesday 23rd March Year 8 and 9

Students should test on Sunday and Wednesday evening.  You should keep your child at home and inform the school via attendance@heartlands.haringey.sch.uk if the test is positive.  In this case your entire household must isolate for a further 10 days.

We will send you a link every Thursday to record your results with us.


Sunday and Wendesday evening


Using a test kit we give you (don’t share these kits with family members)


Use this video to help you complete the test HERE


We will be zoning the buildings into year group bubbles. Please see the table below for details:

Year Group Entrance and Exit Gates open from End Time Zone SLT Attached
Year 7 Main Gate 8:10am 3pm S3 Corridor: Yellow Zone Mr Greenwood
Year 8 Community Entrance (through car park) 8:10am 3pm N3 Corridor: Orange Zone Ms Attreed
Year 9 2nd gate (next to Decorium (Western Road) 8:10am 3pm S5 corridor:Red Zone Mr Matthews
Year 10 Main Gate 8:10am 3pm S4 Corridor: Blue Zone Ms Sangha
Year 11 North Playground, Side Gate (Station Road) 8:10am Various N4 Corridor: Green Zone Ms Bower
Purple bubble 2nd gate (next to Decorium (Western Road) 8:10am (students should go straight into the building) 3pm S1 and S2 Mr Levis



 PE Curriculum

  • Students are presently learning football, table tennis, trampolining and netball. Any changes will be based on information given from the Department for Education. Lessons, drills and exercises are adapted or modified to enable social distancing where possible.
  • To limit contact outside of the school bubble, we are not using external providers. For example, year 11 are not using Zone Gym to prevent mixing with the public. Students are also not using the New River facilities.
  • PE are not using minibuses presently due to restrictions and constraints.
  • PE SEARCH Day provisions have also been stripped back.

Cleaning of equipment

  • Trampolines cleaned after every bubble use. The PE Faculty and Facilities team are in constant communication regarding cleaning of materials and topping up cleaning equipment.
  • Each year group has their own specific year group ‘bubble’. For example, Year 7 table tennis have their own table tennis equipment bag, which is used solely by and for Year 7. The same applies to other year groups and other sports we are offering.
  • This was possible because the school ordered more equipment to support in the teaching of PE this academic year.

Consultations with other schools

  • We are in constant contact with colleagues at other schools.
  • No extracurricular or fixtures for the near future.
  • Three other school in the Borough spoken with are offering similar sports and learning in line with us. Other schools are currently offering a variation of Football, Netball, Indoor Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Health Related Fitness.

Extracurricular clubs

  • No PE clubs before or after school for the near future.
  • Interhouse sport will be adapted and included in the last week of a block of learning.
  • We are not allowing coaches into school to keep the school bubble system as secure as possible. In the future, we hope to welcome back specialist sports to help our students.